Your Favourite Artists Doing Christmas!

Words by Erin Brown

It comes every year and every year we never fail to saturate our playlists, radio stations and music channels with our favourite, cheesy Christmas hits. You can’t deny that Christmas truly starts when you hear those first few chimes of our much loved Maz with ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. Every year you’ll stick on ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ as the megabus pulls up to your dingy but much-loved home town and of course every year you give your heart to George Michael. But despite the warmth and joy these Christmas classics give to us each and every year… the truth is, it can sometimes become a bit tedious. So to shake up those jingle bells, here is a tasty celebration box of our favourite artists changing Christmas as we know it.

Peace- Last Christmas

 Peace in my eyes can do no wrong. This romantic cover of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ is warm and cute as Harrison’s soft vocals adds to this Christmas classic. Not to mention the video is just adorable.


Loose Tapestries- Can’t Wait For Christmas

This collaborative side piece that Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno have made includes one Christmas song which you’ll be singing through to next Christmas. It is upbeat, catchy and straight up hilarious! If you get a chance to listen to the rest of the Loose Tapestries material then do as it will have you in stitches… funky stitches.


Slaves- Last Christmas

Most of our favourite artists have chosen to cover this Christmas number. However, this one is by far the best. It is quite frankly, hilarious. Nothing says Christmas like the sound of Isaac and Laurie SHOUTING the heart-breaking lyrics of Wham with an upbeat, punk twist. It will be impossible to listen to this song in the same way again.


Radiohead- Winter Wonderland

 Thom Yorke’s funny and half-hearted attempt at Christmas. Covering the Smurfs version of Winter Wonderland of course…


Florence and the Machine- Last Christmas

Let’s just see how many Last Christmases we can do…


Jake Bugg- Xmas (War Is Over)

Jake is quite the traditionalist, I could imagine him on Christmas day; adamant that he’s putting up the same decorations he’s had for ten years, same Christmas jumper and no matter how many bird in a bird in a birds you can get, he’ll stick to the classic turkey stuffing combo because he is a simplistically classic guy. His music is effortlessly timeless and could find itself in any decade and because of this, in true Bugg style, he’s gone with quality and opted for a Lennon number and I would expect nothing less.


Arctic Monkeys- Last Christmas/Fluorescent Adolescent

Oh and another!


Chvrches- Stay Another Day

This electronic spin on this ultimate cheese fest makes it slightly more acceptable how much we truly love this Christmas banger.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs- All I Want For Christmas

This one may not be covering a classic. However, Yeah Yeah Yeahs released this out of the blue online in 2008 at a time when everybody was anticipating album number three which is a rather funny move to pull. You can’t deny that it is Christmassy though!


Julian Casablancas- I Wish It Was Christmas Today

A genuine Julian Casablancas song released in 2009. It makes me question, why is it no longer a thing that our favourite, quality musicians bring out Christmas songs anymore?! This is actually quite a good song, I would like some more please.


Amy Winehouse- I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Clause

Fun fact about this song… The original, sung by Jimmy Boyd was banned from the Catholic Church in the 50’s (I can assure you this will come up in a Christmas pub quiz). However, it’s funny to think the reason it had to be banned in the first place is the idea that a choir or two would belt this out during holy communion or the bidding prayers… not very holy at all! However, Amy does this song a whole lot of justice with this beautiful cover!


Lucy Rose-Driving Home For Christmas

Well isn’t this pretty.


Bastille-Christmas Mashup

This is sort of the fudge of the celebration box; nobody really wants it but it’ll do. However, we shall give this one to them as it is rather impressive that they have merged every Christmas song ever into one and they’ve thrown in a few strings too so why the hell not.