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An Interview with JAWS before their Cardiff Gig

Quench magazine had the chance to catch up with Birmingham band JAWS ahead of their Cardiff show. JAWS released their second album ‘Simplicity’ last year and are now touring the album around the UK.

 Your UK tour is coming up next month and Cardiff is very excited to have you here. Are you starting to get excited now? 

Yes!! we just finished two days of rehearsals, the sets sounding good.

Where are you most looking forward to playing in the UK? 

We’re just generally looking forward to playing shows again, everywhere is going to be great.

Connor, I saw on your twitter you tweeted about post show sausage rolls (great idea by the way). How do you usually celebrate after your gigs?

Usually I have a sit down with a nice cold can of Pepsi Max (not a sponsor) yeah, generally just chill, have a laugh. Sometimes go out – sounds pretty boring actually doesn’t it?

We love your new single ‘Cast’, I’ve found myself humming it when I’ve been walking around Cardiff. Do you have any plans for more music in the future?

Thank you, yeah we’re writing bits here and there. Not sure what the plan is, but there will be new music eventually.

‘Simplicity’ is a great album, my favourite song is probably ‘17’. The lyrics are very powerful, what advice might you give to someone who was going through a difficult time? 

Thank you again. Yeah I mean, its a tough one because everybody has such different experiences with their mental health. It is very daunting but I think its very important to talk about it. If you say how you feel out loud it always made me feel like a weight had been lifted. That’s my advice really, just try and talk.

What are your favourite songs to perform at gigs? 

I love playing ‘Gold’, always mad energy for that. Looking forward to playing ’17’ on this tour.

JAWS got their big break five years ago when the ‘Cameron’ demo made its round on the internet, where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

Headlining Wembley for the 3rd night of a 7 night run I reckon.

This year I’ve been listening to Bonobos ‘Migration’ album non-stop, what’s been your 2017 soundtrack?

I’m still listening to Blond by Frank Ocean. King Krule’s album was crazy though.

Finally, what advice would you give to young bands looking to make it big? 

Just don’t give up, be persistent, be enthusiastic and network.

Thank you for the advice! Catch JAWS at The Globe, Cardiff on Tuesday 21st November.

By Aoife Doherty.