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Wolf Alice Gig Review


At the O2 Academy Bristol, the notorious Bristol gig goer, Big Jeff was front row for Wolf Alice’s first date on their first UK tour since the release of their second record. Anyone who knows of Big Jeff, knows that this is a sign of a good gig. Superfood opened the show in the best way possible,

with the enormously catchy boom-chica-boom of ‘Where’s the Bass Amp?’. This was followedby new and old tracks to create the perfect setlist, ‘Natural
Supersoul’ and ‘I can’t see’ included. Leading-man Dominic Ganderton won the Bristolian crowd over by expressing his sadness of the possible closure of iconic Bristol venue, Thekla. Thekla is certainly the way in to any Bristolian gig-goer’s heart.


After an enthralling and eccentric second support slot from the New York rockers, Sunflower Bean, Wolf Alice took to the stage. They started mirroring their second record ‘Visions of a Life’, beginning with the light-hearted ‘Heavenward’ morphing into the anger-relieving “Yuk Foo” as though they were the same song, however they could not be more different. The crowd were clearly pleased to see that songs from the first record ‘My Love is Cool’, such as ‘You’re a Germ’ and ‘Your Loves Whore’ were thrown into the setlist. This was evident by the mosh pit after mosh pit that were forming in the raucous crowd. The biggest mosh pit was during ‘Moaning Lisa’s Smile’ where Ellie Roswell was screaming down the mic looking upon the mosh in complete encouragement. She looked like the definition of a rock-chick. Slicked back hair, a dainty pink dress paired with cowboy boots. This is the perfect aesthetic for a band with such varying sounds. Big Jeff got his routine shout-out from a nervous-sounding Ellie. It’s hard to believe the same girl could be screaming down the mic the minute later, but it works. For me, the highlight of the gig was album title-track “Visions of a Life”. In a recent interview with drummer, Joel, he explained that he loved playing this song before the album came out because people were going mad, not knowing that there is another eight minutes left. Even though the album was out by the time of this gig, different sections of ‘Visions of A Life’ seemed to shock the crowd, as at each drop, a mass of humans ran into the centre of the room and started throwing themselves around.

Wolf Alice are certainly a must see. You can catch them on the remaining dates of their UK tour:

Nov 16 O2 Academy              Birmingham, United Kingdom

Nov 17 UEA                              Norwich, United Kingdom

Nov 18 O2 Academy                Leeds, United Kingdom

Nov 20 Brighton Dome           Brighton, United Kingdom

Nov 21 o2 Guildhall                Southampton, United Kingdom

Nov 23 Hippodrome                 Surbiton, United Kingdom

Nov 23 BANQUET RECORDS   London, United Kingdom


Charlotte Minett