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King Cerulean and Friends @ Y Plas, Cardiff SU – Live Review (12/06/22)

Written by Rubie Barker

After a year of open mics and playing venues around Cathays, King Cerulean brought their energy and talent to Y Plas in Cardiff’’s Student Union this weekend, along with Hello Indigo and Cam Artigan and his band. 

In their set, Hello Indigo spoke about how much this room meant to them, the memories made in Y Plas, and how much of a privilege it was to be playing in the room tonight. It really did feel like the perfect venue for those of us who were leaving, commemorating what has been a tough three years, but celebrating it in style that all three groups brought to the room. Hello Indigo’s cover of ‘Proud Mary’ stood out though, as Becky (lead singer) said that her mum was in the room watching her perform live for the first time, as her mum ran to the front to wave at her. 

King Cerulean at Cardiff SU

As King Cerulean made their way up onto the stage, I was reminded of what a huge array of talent they possess. With 8 members to the band, and tonight joined by Abbie, there really is something special about seeing a saxophone, drums and trumpets on one stage, just to name a few. Sporting his orange dungarees, lead singer Adam led the way into a set filled with well-known tunes and catchy originals from the band. ‘Dynamite’ certainly got the crowd moving, as we all crouched down before the beat dropped. With their last EP ‘The Other Side of the Night’ released in 2021, most of the audience was singing along and even those perhaps more unfamiliar with the band got the hang of the lyrics by the end. 

The band certainly couldn’t keep still either, with Adam and Abbie both dancing around the stage, Tom playing the trumpet from the balcony and Timmy crowd surfing with the Saxophone, a move that seems to have become a regular thing. Both Adam and Timmy joined the crowd at one point, showing they were having just as good a time as we were. 

Two of their covers stood out to me, the first being one from Harry Styles new album, ‘As it was’, opening with Abbie saying “Come on, Adam. We want to say goodnight to you”, a cover I think even Harry himself would have loved.  ‘Play that funky music white boy’ stood out for the pure energy it brought to the room, mixed with ‘Superstitious’, overtaking the Tweenies version of the song I have had on CD since 2002, as my favourite. 

‘Caroline’, a new original from KC is a perfect feel-good summer tune with a chorus of “Sunshine, Caroline” perfectly matching the for once sunny Cardiff weather. But they ended the concert with their most popular original ‘Olivia’ which had all the crowd moving and showed off the incredible talents of the whole band. The stage presence of all throughout the night made the concert what it was and I doubt that anyone in the room left without more serotonin than they walked in with. 

Calling out for “one more song” the band performed a quick cover of their friend Pat Brooks new single ‘Crossroads’ before thanking him, the event organisers and everyone who had helped them and came out to support them. A truly Cardiff band playing a room that means so much to so many made for a truly memorable night of incredible live music. As for the future of King Cerulean, I cannot wait to see where they go next, and watch even more people discover the talent that they have to offer.