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Musical Advent Calendar #21 Kasabian – For Crying Loud

Kasabian’s sixth studio album, written in a short six weeks by the band’s iconic guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, comes after a three year album absence. ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is Kasabian’s fourth album to top the UK charts and it is the album which finally, and to the relief of many including myself, put an end to Ed Sheeran’s domination in the number one position with ‘÷’.

Having never been an avid listener of Kasabian, I was introduced to their newest album when  ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ started playing on a Spotify playlist I had selected in a desperate attempt to fuel the completion of a 2000 word essay, it’s deadline only a few hours away. The song’s presence forced me firstly, to put it on repeat and then to listen to the other 11 tracks on the album, completely diverting my concentration. ‘Wasted’, my favourite song from the album, has a more mellow pop tone with a good acoustic progression. Whilst this track strays from the typical rock associated with Kasabian, the laid back summertime feel of ‘Wasted’ appealed more to my musical judgement.

Along with the ridiculous artwork produced for the FCOL cover featuring the band’s roadie, Rick Graham, comes the ludicrous lyrics quintessential to Kasabian’s music; the food-centric one liners appealing to my tastes, with ‘Ill Ray’s’ “Now go fetch me a milkshake/ Don’t forget the straw” or my personal favourite which appears in ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ “I’m like the taste of macaroni on a seafood stick”.

Kasabian’s success continued into 2017 as they headlined the Reading and Leeds Festivaland with good reason too. For Crying Out Loud offers a number of  tracks which can be placed within the  category of festival anthems; ‘Ill Ray’, ‘Bless This Acid House’ and ‘Comeback Kid’ are particularly  demonstrative of the band’s stadium filler reputation. This is emphasised as the deluxe version of the album offers 15 additional tracks, all performed live at the King Power Stadium as part of a two-part celebration of Leicester City, the band’s home team, winning the Premier League in 2016.

‘For Crying Out Loud’ has encapsulated Kasabian’s unique, unconventional style. Using bizarre lyrics which allow for pure hedonistic enjoyment, Kasabian’s newest songs, whilst not having the prestige of previous hit like ‘Fire’ or ‘L.S.F.’, can definitely not be described as boring.


Emily Salley


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