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Musical Advent Calendar Day #2. Arcade Fire – Everything Now

Canada’s brash indie outfit Arcade Fire returned this year, four years after the release of the epic ‘Reflektor’ to bring us a bold dancefloor filler in ‘Everything Now’. After a slew of fake reviews, fake companies and a head scratching social media marketing campaign Arcade Fire deliver a rejuvenated sound, abandoning their alt rock roots for an 80s disco groove. ‘Everything Now’ is an electro pop backdrop to a damning indictment of modern life “infinite content, infinitely content” The juxtaposition of a light crisp sound mixed with heavy trudging lyrical attacks, an expansion on therhythmic tones present on ‘Reflektor’.

The Montrealsixpiece don’t shy away from expressing their thoughts on 21st century living, the central reoccurring theme of the album, “I can’t live without everything now”.The record is a never-ending loop highlighting the incessant need for instant gratification and newmaterial. This sentiment is further dissected in the back to back tracks both titled infinite content, whereby the band relay the same song in two distinct styles, a ragged fast paced frenzy and a tranquil lull, a critique on the lack of originality within the music industry.

There is no let up from Will Butler’s dystopian outlook on this short but concise record; the end of society crammed into a mere 47 minutes. ‘CreatureComfort’ sees the band delve into the morose themes of suicide, depression and confusion with one’s self “Make me famous if you can’t just make it painless” an anthemic piece for the social outcasts of the world.

Despite its dour overtones the record is a melodic dance inducing feast which sees the band shed its skin for, ironically, a more radio friendly sound whilst still retaining the retro style that has been a stalwart of Arcade Fire’s identity since the release of their debut ‘Funeral’ back in 2004.

‘Everything Now’ is the latest stop in the evolution of Arcade Fire, an ever-intriguing group delivering a constant stream of unique, thought provoking art albums each tackling contentious issues. The record is a real highlight of 2017; We want more, and we want it now!

Conan Cavanagh


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