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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 2 – ‘Gremlins’

This film has everything you love about Christmas. Carol singers, snowmen, tinsel and most importantly, elderly women being shot out of windows. Fun for all the family.

Gremlins is a bit quirky. Released in the Summer of 84 to rival against Temple of Doom and Ghostbusters, the film mocks the commercialisation of Christmas as well as tell a story which is particularly dark at times, much like The Nightmare before Christmas nine years later. Now, poking fun at how commercial the holiday season has become isn’t exactly difficult, but the titular gremlins sure make it entertaining. You see, what I love about Gremlins is how it is a Christmas film, a horror film and a comedy all at once. In one scene, it’s a quaint coming of age story, like E.T. , and in the next, you’re being shown a sleazy bar overrun with the little devils. One minute it’s a car pile-up, the next a screening of Snow White. You might notice that I’m not telling you what the film is about, and that’s the reason why.  Go into this film expecting everything, anything or nothing, and you’re still sure to come out surprised. That’s what makes this film my favourite Yuletide oddity.

So remember, don’t ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light.

And never forget: never, never feed him after midnight.

By Anthony Stonestreet