Preview: London Grammar – Solus – January 28th


Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dot Major bring their trio London Grammar to Solus on Tuesday 28 January. Their critically acclaimed debut album ‘If You Wait’ was undoubtedly a musical highlight of 2013, reaching number 2 on the UK Album Charts. It’s a work of art. Reid’s vocals are lyrically beautiful, accompanied by a warm tone and eloquent phrasings. It would be more than worth braving the wintery bitterness of South Wales to see her alone. With the rich and melancholy sounds of Rothman’s guitar, Major’s deep percussion and subtle keys, this eclectic trio is the perfect antidote for the January blues. Their semi-electric sound may draw influence from their work with Disclosure, yet it doesn’t overpower Reid’s towering vocals; the subtleties of her melodic accompaniment are true and clear. “It’s always been our primary goal, to keep space in the music. The way that, say, the guitar and vocal interact is massively important to us,” said Rothman in 2013. For this band, Solus is the perfect venue. Their texture will not be lost in sub-standard speaker systems and there will be enough space for arms-in-air dancing or by-the-bar self-reflection. Tissues are a must: tears are inevitable.

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