PREVIEW: Zak Abel @Thekla 21st March

If you aren’t already hooked on Zak Abel’s soulful tones, you are about to be. The young musician released his debut album in October 2017, and that was after having already lent his distinct vocals to one of Tom Misch’s most popular trip-hop and jazz inspired tracks ‘Beautiful Escape’. Now fast-forwarding to March 2018 Abel is about to begin touring with his impressive debut album. If his previous live performances are anything to go by, his audience can expect Abel to deliver what they came for – renditions of the most popular tracks from the his album ‘Only When We’re Naked’ such as ‘Deserve to Be Loved’, but also an acknowledgement that a portion of his audience have been loyally following him since the release of older tracks such as ‘Say Sumthin’, which was produced by Kaytranada, and the timeless track ‘Soul Child’.

However, to bank on these upcoming performances being the same as the ones before would do Abel injustice, as every show appears unique through his tendency to provide previously unheard, unique and mesmerising covers on the night and personal reflections behind the meanings of his songs. One thing is for sure, Abel’s charisma and effortlessly mature vocals have the ability to electrify everyone in the venue through his ability to blend the elements of soul and dance so well. If I were you I would be trying to grab the last few tickets that available for his almost sold-out shows in Manchester and London.

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Written by Camille Stanley