A larger and diverse continent such as Africa has a lot to offer the world of popular culture. Here are just some examples of great music, film and poetry coming out of Africa.

Music: The Very Best

Very-best-warm-heart-africa-coverThe Very Best is a group that brings together London’s Radioclit and Malawi’s Esau Mwamwaya. This collaboration creates a different sound that combines upbeat traditional music of Malawi with British dance and hip-hop. Their latest album ‘MTMTMK’ (which apperently stands for ‘More To Malawi Than Madonna’s Kids’) showcases The Very Best’s best work; including the uplifting elcto-afrobeat hit ‘Kondaine’.

Movies: Nairobi Half-Life


Nairobi Half-Life tells the story of Mwas, a young Kenyan with dreams of becoming a famous actor, who leaves his rural home for opportunity in Nairobi. In the capital, however, Mwas quickly falls into a world of  small time crime. The film, which is heart-warmingly directed by David Giton, was the first Kenyan film to be considered for an Oscar.

Poetry: The Institute of Taxi Poetry


‘The Institute of Taxi Poetry’ by Imraan Coovadia throws together poetry, satire and detectives to tell of the mysterious death of South African poet Solly Greenfield. Without centring around South Africa’s past of apartheid Coovadia has written a captivating novel and a great introduction to Taxi Poetry.


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