The best way to explore the continent?

Travel writer Anica Whitmore talks us through why InterRailing is becoming the most popular way to get a whistle stop tour of Europe… 

Whatever the nature of the trip, whether it is a short summer holiday or a month exploring, InterRailing is becoming increasingly popular with those seeking adventure. One ticket which allows you to freely hop on and off Europe’s trains sounds to me like a perfect get away, as well as an ideal way to see a world outside of Britain, which is both familiar yet strange.


The ability to freely travel a whole continent is definitely something which appeals to me, and I would even argue this kind of trip seems much more worthwhile and rewarding than a boozy, yet expensive week away on a girls/boys holiday.

The affordable packages make InterRailing perfect for students. With each country in Europe being priced at 1 of 4 levels, it is possible to devise a trip which completely suits your individual needs. By either purchasing a ‘single country pass’ for as little as £30, or opting for a ‘global pass’ starting from just £161, you can ensure the package fits your personal budget. Not only this, but tickets also include many additional discounts on things such as ferries, museums and hotels, which are bound to be of use along the journey. After a hectic university year of scrimping and saving, as well as endless deadlines and exams, these packages seem all the more enticing as a summer break.

As well as such fantastic prices, I have also been drawn in by the diversity involved in such a trip. InterRailing truly allows you to tailor make your own adventure, choosing from exploring bustling capital cities one day, to visiting charming cultural villages, relaxing on sunny Mediterranean beaches or embracing snowy alpine landscapes the next. It is perfect for those interested in witnessing different cultures, and interacting with new people as well as places. There is no limit to the experiences you may encounter, with one ticket to a thousand destinations.


InterRailing can be desirable for groups of old friends eager to embark on a journey together, as well as catering perfectly for the lone traveller, as it thrives socially. Exploring the continent by train allows fellow travellers to cross paths and share stories and experiences on a daily basis, which is also true of the buzzing hostels around Europe, perfect for youngsters. Hostels are basic, but they are often the most affordable form of accommodation, as well as a lively yet safe environment to meet groups of like minded people. Shared dorms offer party like atmospheres, similar to student’s experiences in university halls, helping to create new friendships and new direction to an adventure.

What better way to travel than on a relaxing train ride which takes you to the heart of each location? The convenience of getting dropped in the midst of the action, coming and going at your own pace, with no time limits other than the ones you set yourself, sounds like anybody’s dream vacation.





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