Explore: Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, and is definitely achievable to do in just a few (albeit very busy) days.
jTo start the adventure, The Czech Inn was a perfect hostel for young travellers, offering 24-hour reception, super friendly staff, a cheap bar and an underground 32-person dorm room.  That may sound like a lot of people, but it just meant there was always someone to join us at the bar each night.
There is so much to see and do in Prague. My friend and I started our first full day with a free walking tour around the Old Town, New Town and the Jewish Quarter. This was by far the best (and cheapest) way to see the main sights and get our bearings. We stumbled upon an adorable gingerbread shop tucked away down a little cobbled side street, and it smelt so goodwe stayed there for about half an hour- we couldn’t bear to leave!p
The things we saw in the Medieval Torture Museum made me incredibly thankful I wasn’t born in the 16th century, and Charles Bridge is guaranteed to be fun, adorned with dramatic statues on either side, countless stalls selling handmade jewelry, and musicians providing the soundtrack to your walk. Be warned- it is busy almost all day every day. Surprisingly long, it took us almost an hour to cross, but then we did keep stopping to take photos of the incredible views across the water.
Turning around the corner, the first sight of the impressive (to say the least) Prague castle quite literally took our breath away. And the cathedral was just as stunning. The ridiculously large grounds mean you need to set aside a good chunk of your day in order to see it all. And if I can offer you one piece of advice; wear comfortable shoes. Seriously, there are a lot of steps.
One day we got a cable car up to the top of Petrin Hill, where we climbed a crazy amount of stairs to arrive at one of the highest points in Prague to see the last of the sunset, views of the city tinted with a beautiful orange glow.s
To sum up, those 3 days in Prague were a whirlwind of breathtaking architecture, eccentric locals and more stairs than my blistered feet could cope with (why did I wear sandals?!)

By Jessica Downing