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Live Review: The Twang & Jaws, Solus, 6.10.13

It was difficult to know what to expect as Birmingham 5-piece, The Twang, arrived in Cardiff for the penultimate date of their UK tour. Their previous two albums fail to provide much in terms of innovation and originality and the venue had been downgraded from Solus following poor ticket sales. Yet this tour precedes the release of a third record and the band have developed something of a cult following, especially in their native West Midlands. Perhaps The Twang’s live show would be something to behold.

p016933sSupport from JAWS, one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Birmingham in recent months, added to the intrigue. Despite the geographical connection, the pairing of the two acts was somewhat unconventional and few of The Twang’s following took an interest. Nevertheless, the dream pop four piece played their way through a solid set, complete with reverb and shoegazing, which was well received by those willing to remove themselves from the bar area.

Following JAWS’ departure from the stage, the interlude proceeded to be sound tracked by a variety of football chants, with enthused fans making their way towards the stage, many with multiple pints in hand or eyeballs wide. This environment wasn’t conducive for the showcasing of any sort of live music, and as The Twang took the stage their performance ensued as such.

It was no surprise to see the crowd lap up renditions of the band’s best-known tracks in conjunction with a selection from the new record, 10:20. But there were no surprises in relation to The Twang’s performance either, which was uniformly dull and it was difficult to determine the sincerity of vocalist Martin Saunders’ interaction with the crowd.

Following the set, rival supporters from Cardiff City and Swansea City began to bait one another, which as depressing as it sounds actually seemed the most appropriate end to the evening. Who knows how long The Twang will continue to fuel this sort of event, but for as long as they are comfortable doing so I don’t suppose that there is too much harm being done. Perhaps though, when they do decide to call it a day, someone can give The Enemy a shout.

Liam McNeilly

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