by: Emily Murray


I cannot breathe. I cannot act. I cannot scream. Yet, I cannot die. I must remain here. Alone. Completely alone.


I was abandoned on this cursed land where the forest animals do not approach. If a deer ventured near it would be enveloped in smoke, and with a choke be left limp and cold. Even the birds care not to fly near for fear that the song they sing shall be their last. The hare must also beware, for might he dare to hop too close… oh the sound… that sound… Putrid yellow eyes lurk in the leaves of the blackwood trees. These eyes, one could not mistake them, are only possessed by the darkest of creatures. The lecherous nymphs are watching me from their brambled towers. Their flaming eyes penetrate my soul, altering my vision and my thoughts. They ensure that I may not care for any other being but their Mother – that wild temptress of the night.


She came to me in the woodland. Exquisite golden tresses ripple down her back and soft plush whiskers flutter over her blue eyes – that resemble tiny lakes, in which one yearns to swim. Specks of green adorn these pools like lily pads. I was only a mere boy at the time, destined to become a knight of the round table. Neither dragons nor men had ever left a scratch, but I lost my head to a forest fairy. Every caress from her pixie fingers led me further under her dark spell. Captivated, she made me her captive. How I adored la belle dame sans merci.


When she left me, she stole not just my heart, but also my soul. She drilled into my head with those piercing eyes, extracting my happiness. With her full lips, she removed my ability to smile. From her tongue, she cursed me, so that I might never utter the words “I love you” to another. I must think of no other being, but her. Only her. Always. I cannot be without her! Yet, I am never to be with her.


From when the sun rises up until the stars take its place I remain here, frozen on this hillside, forever cold.