Shadows and Silhouettes (Short story)

Shadows and Silhouettes.


The sky is limitless, the breeze is cool, and the stars watch over us like the glittering eyes of fate. She is sitting next to me in the passenger seat. Her hair smells of bonfires and dances like smoke in the night air. She looks like summer, talks like spring, and sparkles like a live-wire in the camera-like flashes of the silver street lights. It is dark, but she still wears her big black sunglasses; they are heart-shaped. I turn to look at her and see boundless heavens reflected in the lenses of those glasses. I smile, and she does too. Reaching out, she places her hand on mine; I feel eternity in her electric touch. Fingers locked together, we drive through the hazy lights of the black and white night. We coast down the palm-lined streets, along the winding ocean roads and out towards the beach.


We stop on a hilltop which overlooks the sand. Hand in hand, we sit in silence. We watch shadows and silhouettes shift and sway in the moonlight. We fill our lungs with the ocean air, listen to the whispers of the water, the breathing of the leaves, the love songs of the night’s creatures. The countless moments which pass under the moon’s white fire are marked only by the sound of two hearts beating. From the corner of my eye, I see her turn and look at me. I look back. I can’t see her eyes, they are hidden by the blackness of her heart-shaped glasses. But I imagine them; burning yet serene, like phantom flames.

[ by Rhys James ]