Witch House (poem)

Witch House

by: Sanja Dragojlov

The forest rests in shadowy slumber

the silence laces over everything like spider webs

the sun resigned an hour ago,

giving way to glowing moon

and in the midst of all this tenebrous silence

the strangest thing did happen there

a witch girl and her sisters began brewing despair.


Cursed, it’s what she was

heart pierced with black night

she turned hellish eyes toward her sisters

and lifted the dagger, painted with his blood

blood tinged with starlight.

She stares and dreams of silvery hair

and translucent wings

while the beast within crawls through

ripping and shredding through every pore

until she gasps and falls to her knees

her eyes seeing no more.


With fingers like knives

she tears out her heart

the black and red spilling on snow

she dips one in and draws his face

so that dark Hell would fall in love

with the trickster and his crooked smile.

All around her sisters dance

and fumes rise in the still, twilit sky

while she drops her heart

all broken tendons and bloody parts

and shattered, she starts to cry.


The fumes rise and fall

breaking against pale night

startling the crows and owls

who take off in frenzied flight.

The smoke travels, suffocating, twisting

killing all in its path

a ruthless monster, a devil in disguise

it travels to the faerie courts

listening, waiting, crawling through the trees

it reaches the Unseelie Prince

dreams of dark hair and ruby lips

is the last thing he sees.


Walking through the forest,

the strangest thing occurred there

two figures cloaked in black and silver

huddle together, their mouths so close

as if they were breathing each others’ air.

Upon closer look, the witch girl smiles

while the Unseelie prince unhooks

the last starlight from her hair.