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Hidden Gems for the Curious Student

Culture editors Jasmine Freeman and Elouise Hobbs bring you ten of Cardiff’s cultural treasures you wish you knew about. Go unearth them!
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Review: Major Tom, WMC

A one-woman, one-dog show has come like a whirlwind into Cardiff, and it’s a story of celebrity culture and the consequences of putting yourself in the...


Drawn in Cardiff

Now that Morgan Arcade Studios has closed down, its artists have been forced to relocate. However, just because the artists are lacking a place to create their...


Morgan Arcade Studios

As one of Cardiff’s biggest hubs for freelance artists closes, Culture editor Amy Pay documents Morgan Arcade Studios’ short history and questions the...


Into the Stream

There’s been a recent trend in broadcasting theatre, either live or recorded, on the internet or in cinemas. But people have been debating about whether...