Poetry Competition Winner!

The winning entry for our ‘War and Peace’ piece themed poetry competition.

By Satwik Shivoham

A hundred years have passed us by, but not have the scars of war,
We yet remain at the brink of chaos, despite the armistice signed.
There’s no less armour and no less guns,
But, “We keep it to save us from us”;
So, what must humanity celebrate today,
If ceasefire now defines trust?

We lay our lives to protect democracy, then use it to surrender our rights,
To hand them to a despotic master and set love and compassion on fire.
We proclaim with pride, that we are now tolerant,
“We’ve begun to love unconditionally!”;
Nationalities, sexes, cultures don’t matter,
Yet we arm ourselves to the teeth.

Do not get me wrong, we do have hope, but hope is all we have.
For peace is hanging by the thread of treaties, whilst ‘Predators’ are standing by.
There shall come a day when one breaches a clause,
Consumed with vengeance and pride;
Looking up we’ll whisper, “God help us”,
Repenting our own demonic deeds.