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Andy Love suggests alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


So here we are in 2013, and more than the 2012 Mayan Calendar scare, there is one thing that frightens people every year. No, we’re not talking about Halloween. Valentine’s Day is a tradition in many countries. To avoid the blues for those who are not currently involved with someone, here are some top tips to enjoy that holiday. Just remember to forget the Hollywood love drama for that day.

Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party: This might seem controversial, but it works. A very good friend of mine invited me to hers for an “anti-Valentine’s Day” party. There were many guests, music, nibbles (each person brought something) and lots of drinks. It is the perfect setting for some laughs with one added bonus: a concentration of single people who are also dreading this same day. If you’re hosting, you can also write some lovely cards for your guests to remember the day and say how much you like them.

TV Marathons: Another good way to celebrate the day is to gather a collection of your favourite series and films and watch it with a friend (or a few). If it is someone you have known for quite a while and it’s a series you both enjoy, then you know you will have a laugh. While you’re at it, getting a nice take-away and filling up on drinks and food can be a good idea!

Valentine’s Dinner: You don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love physically, so get that best friend and book yourselves into a  restaurant. Avoid all the awkward carrying of flowers,  instead, just get yourselves a bottle of wine and a nice meal. Then, you can even laugh at all those awkward couples around you.

Games Night: This can be used in conjunction with the first tip, or a different night completely. Everyone loves a good gaming session with friends, especially if drinks and music are available. Twister is always good; Have I Ever? is great for finding out secrets about your friends/potential partners. Another good option is playing a karaoke game like Singstar/Lips. So get people drunk and let those hearts break into song.

Dating: This one should be applied with care. Don’t just go out there dating for the sake of it but it could be good to ask that hot person out! If he/she is single and so are you, what have you got to lose?

Clubbing: As much as I love staying in, if all else fails there will always be loud music and company. Clubs are usually quite packed on Valentines’ Day and people will be out trying to maybe find their own Valentine. It is a good night to go out and celebrate the possibilities and, with so many people, a conversation or a song could be a good ice-breaker with added opportunity.

The Morning After: Whilst recovering from a hangover from the night before, go out and buy yourself double the chocolates and Valentine’s Day presents, as you didn’t have to spend the money on someone else. Go cure that nasty hangover at a nice discounted price, best perk ever.

The whole Valentine’s experience doesn’t need to be shared with someone like a Hollywood romance. At the end of the day, lovers come and go, but your friends are quite likely to be with you for a very long time. I find that we usually take friendships for granted, but how amazing is it to find someone who shares your similar interests and who doesn’t really care if you’ll look good in the morning?

Many people will just throw their friends on the back burner and forget how important they are. How many of us don’t get tired of seeing our friends go through so many relationships tiring our ears (and our patience!) with so many disappointments and illusions? So go look after that wingman/ wingwoman who has been covering your back for so long, listening to your troubles and dragging you out of the club and the creepers. They deserve that attention for being with you for so long. After all, that’s real love right there.

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