LGBT+ in Cardiff

Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Transgender? Or just unsure? This is the city – and the section – for you!

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Hello and a big welcome to all the freshers! 

Moving to Cardiff and joining the LGBT+ society has been one of the best experiences of my life. Although it can feel a bit intimidating walking up to a stand and asking to join, I would absolutely 100% do it all again. The society has helped me to grow as a person, increased my confidence and generally made me much more sociable.

The LGBT+ society hosts a massive variety of events, from coffee mornings at the Vulcan, to clubbing in Cardiff’s ‘gay scene’ and evening bowling. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces at this year’s Freshers’ events!

Sarah Lynn

Society President

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m your LGBT+ Officer for the coming year. 

Congratulations on choosing and getting into Cardiff. If you’re LGBT+, well done as you’ve picked a city with a thriving LGBT+ community and a university where there are lots of things to get involved in.

I’m head of Cardiff’s LGBT+ Association, which is a group of students who run campaigns that look out for your needs and endeavour to improve your experience here at Cardiff. This year we’re planning campaigns around Healthcare students, ‘coming out’ in sports teams as well as much more. Cardiff also has a really active LBGT+ Society who run regular social events – from coffee mornings and quizzes to nights out in Cardiff. There is something for everyone.

If you want to get involved with the LGBT+ in Cardiff, be that with getting support by making new friends in the society, or if you want to get involved campaigning with the LGBT+ Association, then pop onto our Facebook group. Just search ‘Cardiff University LGBT+ Society’ or drop me an email on

I hope you’re as excited about the year ahead as I am.

Have fun and we hope to see you soon.

Jack Oakley

LGBT+ Officer

Hello and welcome to Quench!

I joined the society at the start of my second year here at Cardiff. The first event is a coffee morning, away from the loud music of clubs and provides a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Everyone was very friendly and although nerves are, unfortunately, inevitable, I really felt I’d made the first step.

The next event is the Freshers’ party at one of the gay clubs in the city centre. This is a chance to have a drink (or many) and just have fun. After that, the society runs very frequent events, which are opportunities to get involved throughout the year and get to know people.

In no time at all, you’ll soon feel settled in.

Thomas Leeming

Quench LGBT+ Co-Editor


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