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Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

We have seen a lot of Spider-Men on the big screen, and by now we all know how the story goes.
We know Peter Parker well – he’s a science nerd, a...

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Review: Doctor Strange

For some of us, the endless barrage of Marvel movies risk becoming quite grating; for others, having a new superhero movie every few months is a dream come...

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Power Hour: Super Hero TV

With nine superhero shows set to air next year, Scott Place discusses the rise of superhero TV and if it’s really as super as it sounds.


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Review: Ant-Man

I walked into the cinema room expecting the worst. Edgar Wright, who basically led all the pre-production of the film, had dropped out of the project as film...

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Marvel vs. DC

Marvel. DC. The two biggest publishers in the comic book industry; their rivalry stretches back for years, but recently that rivalry has evolved and...