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This Charming Man

This month saw the publication of Autobiography, the long-awaited memoir of Morrissey – bequiffed singer, lyricist and iconoclast famed for fronting the...

Film & TV

Review: Gravity

Film and Television Editor Oliver Richards leaves the office to explore out of space for his review of Gravity

Gravity is a beautiful film, make no mistake...

Film & TV

Review: Runner Runner

Imran Bukhari takes a gamble and reviews Runner Runner
For a film about online gambling, Runner Runner ironically takes not a single risk. The movie follows a...

Video Games

Review: Pokemon X & Y

Now in its 6th Generation, Nintendo’s series of Pokemon games have made their jump into 3D. Francesca Hepburn sees if the latest offering live up to the...

Video Games

Review: Rayman Legends

Rhys Thomas Elliott rediscovers the whimsical charm of 2D platformers with the crazy and colourful Rayman Legends. 
 Origins was a game that resonated...