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The New York Deli | Review

By Katie Comer

The New York Deli is a little taste of America found in the heart of Cardiff’s High Street Arcade.

On arrival you are greeted by a rustic shop sign with old school style benches outside and a little wooden man holds the menu for you to read. The deli itself is full of American mementos, from a small feature wall covered with vintage number plates, to graffiti artwork, the deli also offers a great selection of American candy and drinks. Adhering to the fast pace of New York the deli predominantly suits the busy takeaway lifestyle; however, they do offer some space inside and out if you fancy a seat. Most importantly their service is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Their lunch time menu ranges from bagels to sandwiches, with the hoagie (a long Italian role) being the largest of the three. These sandwiches are not for the faint hearted, with their extensive range of meats and fillings, you will not go away with an empty stomach. Having visited the New York Deli countless times, I have tried several of their sandwiches. However, my personal favourite would have to be ‘The New York’, served in a hoagie. It is packed to the rafters with pastrami, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, gherkins, thousand island dressing and cracked black pepper. Sounds pretty tasty, right? This whopper of a sandwich set me back £8.50 and I know what you’re thinking – it does seem pricey for a sandwich. However, I left with my food baby, feeling truly American – I certainly had no appetite for dinner that evening.

If the price has put you off, rest assured there are plenty of other sandwiches that are more suited for a student budget. Ranging from £4 up to £14, there is something for everyone with a vast selection of vegetarian options also. If you have a large appetite and find yourself craving a sandwich one lunchtime, I insist that you try The New York Deli, you will not go away disappointed.