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Greazy Vegan | Review

By Eden Griffiths

Wherever you come from and whatever you’re doing with your life right now, there’s a good chance you’ve at some point found yourself discussing one of the most controversial topics our generation has come across: to vegan? Or not to vegan? It’s no secret that veganism is currently on the rise, and whether people view this as a trend or a lifestyle that’s here to stay; the food industry is all ears to this latest food venture.

Cardiff is no exception and with several vegan/vegetarian restaurants already hugely successful (Anna Loka and Milgi, I’m looking at you), it’s safe to say vegan food is calling out to the people of this fine city. However, there’s been a gap in the market for quite some time now, and with more and more places opening and offering such delights – shout out to my favourite doughnut shop Blanche Bakery! – it’s safe to say now that pretty much any food you enjoy can be veganised. You’d be lying if you said this didn’t intrigue you a little bit!

Now take a moment and imagine everything you crave after that heavy gym workout, after you’ve been hitting the books all night. Or more realistically, the day after you ended up in the SU after a heavy drinking sesh and now you’re questioning all your life decisions that led you to where you are now. I bring to you Greazy Vegan. A brand-new establishment which has got Cardiff talking about all things greazy and vegan! The idea behind the name is simple and stems from an ideology that being vegan isn’t all about falafel balls and lentil soup. No, vegans love junk food just as much as everybody else and the main man behind it (chef man Will Skinner) has put all his energy and years of experience into cultivating something completely new for the Cardiff food scene. His creative food ideas come from his own experience of struggling with vegetarianism due to a lack of flavour and variety of vegan options on offer. Fast forward to now,  he’s very much a big part of the ever so needed change. Gone are the days of chickpea curries and salads being the only option on the menu. Here’s to vegan junk food that’s as satisfying to eat as it is to look at.

Current options available include “The Big Moc”, “Chickun Royale” and the “Vopper”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out exactly how the names were put together, but it takes some kind of a person to be able to emulate the flavours that go into these burgers and to create something so delicious. It will get even the most notorious of meat eaters salivating. As well as burgers, the greazy vegan offers a delicious kebab with a texture which rivals that of the real thing. Meat eaters rejoice the alternative, and vegans never fear; there are no animals here! Just wonderfully filling food packed full of flavour and spice. If that’s not enough to convince you (and we both know it is you hungover mess!) then they also offer dirty fries, chickun strips and BBQ wings.

There really is something for everyone and all the products are wrapped and boxed up to takeaway, to give you an authentic experience. Now if only they were open late enough to grab food on the way home after your next night out… Dare to dream…