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Food & Drink

Review: Happy Lok Diner

By Ellie Philpotts
A lot of things are associated with Cathays. Students, seagulls and stormy weather may be the biggest, but they don’t all begin with S...

Food & Drink

Review: Wahaca

By Ellie Philpotts and Georgia O’Brien
(Shorter version of this is in the current and final print issue of Quench – )
Intro – Ellie
If you’ve...


Review: Evita, New Theatre

Evita, Monday 20th March, New Theatre, Reviewer: Hannah Hopkins

Evita has always, for me at least, been one of those musicals known for a few great songs...

Film & TV

Review: Wùlu, WoW Festival

Wùlu – Review
Directed by Daouda Coulibaly, Wùlu follows the story of Ladji (Ibrahim Koma), a likeable Malian bus conductor turned drugs smuggler, in a...

Food & Drink

Food Evening: Chai Street

(The shorter version of this is in the current print issue of Quench – .)
Ellie Philpotts – Cardiff seems like a city of two halves. In one sense...

Food & Drink

Review: The Clink Charity

By Olivia Botting
I write this as I emerge from my two-day food coma bestowed upon me by the delicious food at The Clink Restaurant, by Queen Street train...

Food & Drink

Review: The Flora

By Elinor Terry
Hey, what are you up to tonight? We’re thinking about going to the Flora for a few drinks, want to join us? Now, I know what you’re...

Food & Drink

Review: Coyote Ugly Saloon

By Ellie Philpotts
I would say I basically have no words after experiencing Cardiff’s take on Coyote Ugly, but a blank review is kind of a novel concept, so...