Instagram Artists You Should Definitely Follow

Photo credit: Patrick Tomasso (via Unsplash)

By Anastasiia Kropotina

Have you ever found yourself standing, say, waiting for a bus, mindlessly scrolling through your feed to pass the time? At some point, you are going to start asking yourself “How many slime compilations does one have to watch before going insane?”. You don’t want that. In fact, I don’t want that for you, so I have prepared something to jazz up your Instagram.  Here are three artists you may not have heard of but should definitely be following.

Sam Lyon (@jellygummies)

If you have ever stumbled across an unsettling jiggly orange with human arms and legs contently slapping its tummy with a blank stare, on Instagram explore page, you are familiar with the feeling of puzzlement and fascination Jelly Gummies evoke.  Sam Lyon, the artist behind the Gummies has already worked with major companies like MTV and is quickly gaining popularity in the mainstream media.

The wobbly forms, uncanny human features and ASMR sound effects are the defining characteristic of Sam Lyons hilarious creations. Love them or hate them, they are truly mesmerising. I say there are three things you can watch forever:  fire burning, water falling and Jelly Gummies looking into the abyss beyond your phone screen.


Rune Fisker (@rfisker)

I came across Rune Fisker’s illustrations in an issue of Esquire back in 2015 and was instantly captivated by his characters, who seem to live in a world on the edge between illusion and reality.

Imagine Dali-esque fluidity plus geometric elements that look like a mashup between the Memphis group designs (think all the 80’s mood boards you have ever seen) and Lissitzky. You simply cannot mix up Rune Fisker’s signature style with anything else. His surrealist works are an aesthetic experience in their own right and will certainly fascinate you. Featured on the pages of many prominent publications among which are Wired, New Yorker and Washington Post, it is high time Fisker’s art found its way onto your insta feed. (

It’s hard to find a student who has never been guilty of procrastinating during lectures and doodling and odd stick figure or an eye or two in their notebook, but even your best “corner of a notepad” artistic attempts could never compare to this.

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part two –

A post shared by abeet ( on started their account off by drawing on their schoolwork and quickly elevated it into a distinctive art style. The artist, known only as Abeet from their Instagram bio, combines simplistic, wonky looking doodles of people and animals with hyper-realistic facial features. The result are hilarious cute abominations that will make you want to scroll through Abeet’s whole account in one go.  And, honestly? You should.