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Review | The Snow Maiden

As the weather is getting colder, my heart was warmed by The Russian State Ballet Of Siberia’s magical performance of the Snow Maiden. This took the audience on a journey, transporting them from their felt lines seats to a fantasy domain yonder to our very own.

As I entered the auditorium the orchestra were warming up, creating a feeling of festive excitement and wintery wonder which brought back happy memories of attending the ballet with loved ones. The conductor entered to a delighted applause and from that moment we were all invited into a wonderful winter wonderland.

Grounded in a conventional folk-tale, set in a snow-covered Russian landscape, this seasonal sparkler follows the Snow Maiden as she journeys into the mortal sphere. The show begins in the frozen forest, “Father Frost’s snowy land”, where the Snow Maiden appears to live happily with her caring father and her friends the Snowflakes. Yet, it becomes clear that she is unhappy and feels trapped and isolated in the forest. She decides to run away and discover what life is like outside of her snow-globe reality despite her father’s objections.

Arriving in the nearby village of Berendeyevka, the Snow Maiden becomes the talk of the town and is encouraged to join in their local fetes. Fascinated by the bright town and the people who live there, she becomes swept up in the human world, attracted by its inhabitants and temptations. Then after meeting a handsome human she falls deeply in love with this passionate romance ending in a beautiful tragedy.

Formed in 1981, the Russian State Ballet of Siberia has quickly distinguished itself as one of Russia’s leading ballet troops, building a renowned reputation for delivering performances of incredible quality and extraordinary depth. The artistes and corps de ballet were outstanding, and never failed to amuse audiences with their breathtaking physical capabilities and astounding outfits. Ekaterina Bulgutova (The Snow Maiden) and Milen Petrov (Father Frost) presented a journey which enchanted the audience and shared Pyotr Ilyich Tchalkovsky’s extraordinary vision of the world of ballet.

No one can deny the talent of the performers and they certainly deserved the enormous rounds of applause that they received at the end of the show. I may not remember my pas-de-deux to my grand jete or my port de bras to my pirouette, but I do know that I was entertained by this performance. This stunning production was truly brought to life in front of my eyes through a beautiful stage setting, atmospheric music and flawless costumes.