Introducing Milgi Sessions: a live music experience alike no other in Cardiff

by Dylan Graham

Monday 3rd of December saw the launch of Milgi Sessions, a brand new live music experience alike no other in Cardiff.

Based in a cosy yurt in the back-yard of Milgi Restaurant on City Road, the event will take place on the first Monday of every month, with each edition consisting of a studio session and a live performance from 3 different up and coming Cardiff artists.

Migli’s yurt

Milgi Sessions aims to fill a gap in the market of Cardiff’s music scene, as was explained by Joe Hembrow, the curator of the event. ‘A lot of places do open mics, a lot of places do acoustic gigs, but no where does live sessions like this. It’s more than just music, you get to chat to the band in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s definitely a niche for it here in Cardiff’.

Joe, accompanied by his long-time friend Owen Gillard, started this project to further enrich Cardiff’s vibrant music scene. ‘This event showcases how good the music scene in the city is. It’s a good way to get people out there’. There is no priced tickets for Milgi Sessions. Instead, they ask for donations to a food bank.

Luke Ashley performing at Milgi Sessions

The first event saw two acts perform in the yurt, a conscientious decision to have less acts playing in order to smooth over any complications that may have arisen from the first show. Things went without a hitch however, and both acts delivered brilliant performances both for the studio session and the live show.

First up was Luke Ashley. Armed only with his guitar and a loop pedal, Ashley performed his genre bending songs which he self describes as an observation of society. An impressive display of wordplay and social commentary, Ashley easily entertained those in attendance. After a short break, Cardiff’s very own CVC began their performance. The band played a stripped back set, perfectly adapting their psychedelic rock tunes to the setting of Milgi’s yurt.

The second edition of Milgi Sessions is expected to take place on the 7th January. Little over 20 people can fit in the yurt for the live performance, so to be in attendance is an intimate and exclusive experience.

You can find Milgi Session’s Instagram page here. Joe and Owen are currently looking for a cinematographer to join their team. If you’re interested then contact them through there.