Culture Theatre

Review: You Win Again

By Rachel Nurse


You Win Again: Celebrating the Music of the Bee Gees is a must-see for hardcore Bee Gees fans and for those who enjoy a good old boogie. No matter how deep your love is for the Bee Gees, if you love a good sing-along, dance and impersonation you will love this concert.

In this stress-free and casual show, we were told about how Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb rose to fame to become the Kings of Disco and of the plentiful Number One hits they wrote for other fellow artists.

Many of the audience members, but not all, were thoroughly engrossed and there was plenty of dancing in the aisles. Truly, the ladies in the audience had dances moves the Pink Ladies in Grease would have been jealous of (Grease being one of the song written by Barry Gibb which stunned the audience!) And when the iconic silver shiny jumpsuits cam out onstage I knew the audience was in for a wild ride.

The performance was set unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t the classic West End Show, the actors didn’t ‘play out the lives’ of the Gibb brothers, but rather a narrator was tasked with explaining the events during the lives of the Gibb brothers. This unique method of story-telling questions whether 21st century concerts, plays and musicals should be done differently? The approach was certainly interesting. The three brother look-a-likes paralleled the voices of the brothers and the crowds where pleased with the outcome of the show.

When you go and see this show expect to see a concert rather than a musical. It is undeniable that the Bee Gees were iconic; their music was magnificent, unforgettable, and their lives and careers make for an attention-grabbing story. However, I feel like this show could have reached loftier heights. It definitely wasn’t a tragedy but it also wasn’t a roaring success.

All in all though the evening ended with an encore of three songs – not a bad end to a show which kept the audience entertained throughout.