The return of Festival Fashion

Words by Megan Evans

With festival season hopefully just around the corner and the pandemic ceasing to a hopeful close, many of us are ready to fully embrace the summer with bright coloured clothing, as many accessories you can fit on your body as possible, and two pieces that will do more than getting a watchful eye of your peers.

I absolutely adore the fashion that dominates the shops during the festival season, as not only is it more acceptable to wear the most hideously bright clothing and clashing prints which wouldn’t be seen as good otherwise, but the atmosphere that comes with it. 

When I open my wardrobe, certain pieces scream the lyrics to certain songs as I take it off the rail. If you are looking to make an impression on your outfits this summer, whether you are heading out or staying in, here are some of my top pics!

One of my favourite items for the festival season is my custom made top which was designed and produced by a good friend from home. As a fellow fashion student at the glorious Kingston School of Art, her garments are trendy with a vintage twist. I adore the paisley print fabric, one that is a popular trend for the festival goers, as it hinges onto the 70s cult classic ‘hippie’ culture. The cut of the top meets corset and lace up, as the opening helps to elevate the chest. 

Not only do I adore the piece because it flatters my body, which is an absolute must for 2021, it helps support local designers and the ‘one of a kind’ attitude that should be adopted into our modern world. Instead of buying online from the retail giants and having an outfit that most young women may already have in their wardrobes, try something new. 

Top: hand-made

Skirt: boohoo originally, but bought in a charity shop

I also have a paisley print dress in a skater style that I would wear to a festival as it is flowy and perfect for nicer weather, and again can be dressed up nicely with accessories and some killer shoes.

Dress- Vintage Shop in Cardiff

Two pieces are another one of my favourite choices for the spring/summer period. You can never go wrong with a cheeky two piece, especially a printed two piece. This black and white gingham two piece is a must for the festival season, as the monochrome look can be styled up and down with bright and bold accessories, whether that be a hat, or some funky earrings or layered necklaces. 

Top & Trousers- SHEIN

A look I would usually wear clubbing but can also be worn at a festival, is a bold neon top with culottes. Culottes are so airy and light, so moving around isn’t a problem, and neon compliments well with a darker palette. I have paired a neon orange zip up top with these gorgeous sparkly trousers. Not only is it fun as it mixes bold colours with patterns, but it looks great. I have paired these with a leopard print clutch. 

Top- Primark

Bottoms – Boohoo

Bag- H&M

At festivals, I think the bolder the better. This lime green playsuit is so perfect for festival attire as it attracts attention but this particular colour isn’t too in your face. I have paired this with some hooped earrings, and bold makeup, including a purple lip. 

The corset styled front is again, a must for the festival season. 

Playsuit- Missguided 

Earrings- Lovisa 

Necklace- Pandora

One of my all time favourites and something that I would wear on the daily regardless, is my bandeau style top with a midi skirt. I love a midi skirt, as it’s a lot more classy, but also stylish and can look very casual. The bandeau style top is in trend right now, and the bold colours of the reds and whites suit the dark toned green really beautifully. 


Skirt- Primark

Necklace- Lovisa

Last but not least, floral print. A classic floral print, whether in a jumpsuit form, or a nice top or trousers- floral print will never go out of fashion. Floral print goes well with primary colours and also much bolder mixes. I teamed this beautiful green flower top with a cami dress that has a lace trimming and my cat eye sunglasses. Cami dresses with a top is also a trend that many are wearing, and is a cult classic for a festival – again doesn’t look too underdressed but looks lovely for a nice day. 

I also teamed the look with a white headband, and simplistic jewellery as to not overcrowd the outfit. 

Sunglasses- SHEIN

Headband- Primark

Necklace- New Look

Top- She In

Cami dress- Primark

Watch- H&M

Some of these outfits have been bought on a budget. It’s always lovely to buy new clothing for events, but make sure if you buy new, you sell old clothes too! Charity shops in Cathays always have the best bargains (such as the paisley print dress as shown previously).