Unpopular Fashion Opinions

Words by Natalie Wilson

Currently gripping the SS 21’ collections of the fashion world are both timeless and timelessly unpopular trends. I am very aware that in the period between submitting this article and its moment of publication, some of my most unpopular fashion opinions will have been forecast as ‘fashion forward’ in a TikTok. Inevitably, I too will succumb to this pressure of conforming and show up on June 21st in a double denim co-ord and the socks and Crocs combination of 2006 dreams.

The challenge of unlearning every fashion faux pas drilled into my brain makes both Instagram and Pinterest very confusing places to be right now. It is now popular to be unpopular, away from the ‘florals for spring’ standard. Genuinely, ground-breaking. That’s not to say that anyone can be knocked for trying anything unique after a lockdown uniform of matching tracksuits (on a good day), has held us all prisoners to comfort for the last year.

However, until I am forced to eat my words, I firmly believe that the only place for the current craze of Juicy Couture tracksuits is in a nostalgic biopic of Paris Hilton’s life. I think it would be advised for us to stop while we are ahead and keep embracing the trends of the ‘90s. While undoubtedly the pink velour tracksuits will always be iconic, it is just too soon for the mistakes of the early 2000’s to haunt us. Please, we only just got rid of low-rise jeans again.

Yet, controversially, in 2021 I think it’s high time we accept pink and red as the clash made in heaven. Goodbye to the earthy, neutral tones of a lockdown that forced us back to basics and hello to standout moments in fuchsia and scarlet, tangerine and turquoise. Safe to say it just makes sense to redeem the obnoxious roar of the 20’s we had all anticipated on New Year’s Eve 2019, as we move away from the bleak reality of our present world.

That’s not to say the lockdown loungewear boom has been all bad. Uggs are back and everything is right in the world once again. I refuse to follow the opinion that Uggs are ugg-ly (pardon the pun) any longer. They have and always will be the epitome of comfort and style in a hug for your feet. Basically, my student loan is getting dangerously close to being blown to make my ten-year-old dreams come true and I would shamelessly encourage anyone to do the same.

Personally, I think it’s weird that as a society we can be both simultaneously obsessed with and repulsed by all thing’s feet? I could write a dissertation on the do’s and don’ts of wearing socks. At this point, socks function as an accessory to earn the title of the pineapple pizza of the fashion world. Aesthetics aside, socks and sandals for me? A yes. The practicality of warm, sand-free toes and not having to stare at the toes of strangers has, after 21 years, won me over. However, socks and heels? Black socks, white shoes? Stripey socks? Mismatched socks? A hard no. As sad as Kim-ye’s divorce news made me, I am hopeful this means also seeing the back of sock boots and joggers.

Speaking of iconic celebrity couples, Britney and Justin’s noughties relationship is relevant once again after ‘Framing Britney Spears’, accordingly pictures from that awards show are recirculating in the build-up to summer. While I can only hope this trend is temporary, the double denim combination is going to figuratively and literally be a hot mess. It’s a permanent no from me.

Imagine how our mums have felt this year. Watching us 360 on our Topshop Joni-jeans to bounce out the house in flares and a sweater vest with crimped hair. The cyclical nature of trends in our ever-changing relationship with how we dress to express ourselves should give you the actual fear for the day this generation’s children come downstairs in a GEEK top and hotpants.

To be authentic in the fashion world should and will always be celebrated, regardless of if your fashion favourites are popular or unpopular. Every day social media will work to inform our endless desire to update and change our wardrobe staples. That being said, breathable and with personalised badges? Maybe I do have time for Crocs this summer.