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On Location in Wales: Freshwater West

Image credits: Visit Wales

By Joshua Allen

Wales is more than well known for having some of the most stunning views in the UK, so it was only natural that when it came to choosing a location for the staggering conclusion to the Harry Potter series, that a part of it came to Wales.

Freshwater West, located in Pembrokeshire, was already a popular spot amongst those both visiting or living in the small county on the coast of Wales, with it being a popular surf spot and boasting some of the best views the Welsh coastline has to offer. However, when it was chosen as the location for the Shell Cottage in both parts of the Deathly Hallows films, its popularity grew tenfold, and it soon became common for fans of the series to make the pilgrimage down to this stunning location.

Freshwater West provided the perfect setting for a location that had been described in the book as a “lonely and beautiful place”, and also provided the resting place for one of the most beloved characters in the series: Dobby. Unfortunately, the Shell Cottage no longer remains in Freshwater West, however Dobby’s grave still does, and people often go and lay a rock in respect for the fallen house elf.