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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 11 – ‘The Holiday’

My controversial Christmas opinion? The Holiday is better than Love Actually. I’m not even sorry about it.

The Holiday follows Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, who are lonely at Christmas and decide to swap houses for the holidays. It’s your usual festive rom-com – they each find their perfect holiday romance. What makes this better than Love Actually? The stories have time to develop, it’s not overloaded. Cameron Diaz falls for a widower, which allows her to deal with the impact of her parents’ divorce and her own commitment issues.

However, it’s not all about love. Kate Winslet’s character helps a grouchy, ageing filmmaker prepare to receive the honorary award he deserves. She’s able to help him find a new lease of life and return to his witty self. It’s along the way that she finds Jack Black, whose personality compliments hers and proves that she doesn’t need to keep running into the manipulative man she’s head-over-heels for back in England.

It’s a cosy Christmas film with a white Christmas in the Cotswolds cottage that we’ve all dreamed of. Not only this, but it’s about escaping an unhappy place you’re trapped in; it’s about doing your own thing. Let’s not forget, there’s a really relatable scene where Cameron Diaz gets drunk and sing-shouts Mr. Brightside – if that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what will.

By Alys Jones