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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 13 – ‘Krampus’

When you think of Christmas, the last thing that probably comes to mind is a scary movie. But for those of us who may not be the biggest fan of this season, Krampus provides us with a way to feel a little Christmas-y without having ‘jingle bells’ and soppy love stories shoved in our not-so-festive faces.

Krampus is based on an old myth; naughty children will instead be visited by a horned creature instead of good old Saint Nick. The 2015 film follows little Max who fails to get into the holiday spirit, ripping up his letter to Santa in a moment of frustration, and is subsequently given an unexpected visit by the anti-Santa, Krampus. While I will admit, the whole premise may sound a little ridiculous, the film does manage to fuse quality comedic and scary scenes throughout. A lot of the scary scenes even made a horror lover like myself jump! I’ll avoid revealing spoilers, but the movie also has a somewhat unexpected ending (although viewers are generally torn over whether it is a satisfying one).

The film even stars Academy-nominated actress and horror veteran Toni Collette, as well as the hilarious Adam Scott who most will remember from Step Brothers so there are at least some familiar faces for the sceptics out there to enjoy.

But be warned, this movie is not for the faint-hearted; the image of Krampus himself may haunt you for some days after viewing… it’s certainly not a Christmas film for all the family!

By Martha Hughes