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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 16 – ‘Notting Hill’

Notting Hill is the quintessential boys meets girl tale, preeminent of all other soppy rom coms it boasts, possibly, the most charming setting and cast to date.

Whilst it might not be the first film that springs to the mind during the festive season, for me, it’s a dreamy nineties classic that forces that indescribable fuzzy sensation upon you (without the aid of a small child or any festive novelties).

Instead, it utilises one of its best and most prominent features, a fumbling, floppy-haired Hugh Grant in his absolute prime. If you wish to witness Hugh Grant perform maximum Hugh Grant, I advise you to watch this film.

The plot follows an awkwardly endearing travel bookshop owner, William Thacker (Grant) who’s humble reality is disturbed one day when the gorgeous film star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) happens to stumble in. Shortly after, Anna finds herself in the cluttered home of Thacker following an unfortunate collision between him and a cup of orange juice. The rest is history after the iconic kiss.

Along with the gushing scenes and one-liners, follows some unforgettable fashion moments. From the berets, and platform Old Skools of Julia Roberts that wouldn’t go amiss in 2017, to the snorkel, borderline offensive graphic tees and grubby briefs of the hilarious Rhys Ifans. Notting Hill continues to be a film of great sentiment, that I will return to endlessly, mouthing that one iconic line..with little to no shame.

By Abigail Thomas