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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 19 – ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

If the perfect amount of adult humour in a very Christmassy, extremely child-friendly, holiday season film is what you’re looking for, The Grinch does it the best.

Tis’ the season for Christmas films and no film gets me as excited this time of year as the classicHow the Grinch Stole Christmas.’  The mean green, furry creature that finds space in his tiny heart for Christmas joy gives us all the Christmas feels. This sweet film is based in the make-belief, jolly-festive community that is Whoville. If you’re big into the colourful, cutesy bits of the holiday, like me, Whoville has it all.

The bad-tempered yet terrifically comical Grinch, who’s an outcast of Whoville and loathes this time of year, plans to ruin Christmas for the cheery Whos by stealing all the presents. But the cutest little girl, Cindy Lou, is determined to help him love Christmas. Despite his mean demeanor, we come to love the enjoyable character Grinch. Maybe it’s because of how relatable he is, I mean if ‘but what will I wear!?’ hasn’t come out all our mouths. We’ve seen the Grinch eat glass, so he’ll pretty much snack on anything (just like me). And the whole scheduled self-loathing thing, “4 o’clock wallow in self-pity”, we feel ya, Grinch. He’s full of brilliant one-liners, jokes perfect for both children and adults alike and perfectly thought out rhymes I will forever love, as he learns “maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe, perhaps, Christmas means a little bit more.

Although some may argue Dr. Seuss’ story should have been left as an animated one, we must give credit to Jim Carrey’s remarkable acting skills that mastered the performance of the Grinch and made this film as splendid as it is. This film will have you laughing, maybe even shedding a tear, all the while making you feel all warm and toasty inside as it takes you into a wonderland of Christmas.

By Priya Uddin