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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 6 ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol’

‘We’re Marley and Marley oooo or is it just me singing along to yet another absolute banger from The Muppets?

The season of Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas. Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas gives us an opportunity to refresh our lives with peace, joy and forgiveness – a message central to Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. But just when you thought Dickens couldn’t get any better, The Muppets restyled this classic into a light-hearted musical. Who doesn’t love these singing puppets and a good moral?

This film puts family at the centre of Christmas urging us to hold our loved ones ‘close in a thankful heart’. Every kind of Muppet joins with the miserable Scrooge into one large family reminding us that family is whoever and ‘wherever you find love’.

But back to Marley and Marley. For me, the terrible twosome is the true highlight of the film. This scene transports me back to my childhood, as my brother tries to imitate the Marley brothers through his laughter. Unlike me, he never feared these ghosts (I’m still unsure whether this was due to their poor graphics, Muppety ways or his schadenfreude).

A Muppets Christmas Carol fills me with excitement to do Christmas all over again and every Christmassy message it brings will do the same for you.

So to all you Scrooges of the world, don’t be a bah humbug. Sing along to every song and remember this loving Christmas message (before you too are ‘doomed for all time!’)

By Elizabeth Mills