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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 8 – ‘Deck the Halls’

Maybe not the most famous festive film of the season however, guilty pleasures don’t always have to be the most well-known or the most acclaimed.

The 2006 movie Deck the Halls is one of my top essential viewings of the season because of its endless comic stunts, one-liners and hilarious on-screen chemistry between Mathew Broderick (Steve) and Danny DeVito (Buddy). Or maybe I just love it cause of my incredibly immature sense of humour…

New neighbour on the block and family man Buddy Hall is determined for his house to be visible from outer space and so sets off buying mountains of Christmas lights, decorations and even a live nativity set with camels and everything! A comical, passive-aggressive war on Christmas begins between the neighbours as they compete to be the ultimate “Christmas guy.” Not only does Buddy’s Christmas light show run every night till 5am in the run up to the big day, but he also uses Steve’s power to fund the spectacle and as tensions mount, it is the rest of their families that feel the effects of their immature battle of pride. However, at the heart of the film lies the message that at Christmas time, it truly is family that matters most (ah, isn’t that sweet) and this is why it is worth a watch. You are not only getting humour and festive cheer, but it also contains a great big dosage of seasonal values.

Deck the Halls is a family favourite (certainly in my house) and continues to make me smile with every watch in the build-up to Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go!

It could just be your new Christmas classic.

By Eleanor Ball