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Review: BASE

Made in memory of a BASE jumper, this film introduces J.C, a jumper who pushes everything to the limit. Flying lower and faster after an accident we follow how he deals with the past and watch how he chooses to live his life; by filming everything.

From the get-go, the film offers something slightly different than your regular adrenalin genre. With the majority of film angles taken from the narrator’s helmet or hand the pictures feel intimate as if you yourself were taking part and involved in the whole charade. This can be viewed as a positive and new way to experience cinema. However, it is not the best if you get (1) motion sick or (2) are scared of heights. As someone who is terrified of heights it took a little getting used to; but, after watching I was sure BASE jumping could be my next hobby until I looked down from a high window. With my fear still intact I will have to settle with watching from a head camera instead.

The story is cut together much like a family holiday montage, with very little story running through it. However; the patchwork of different clips and lulls in the action allowed the film to put the viewer on edge, constantly guessing the next move and giving the viewer a different cinematic experience and occasionally getting too close for comfort. The film feels very experimental in a positive way as most of the risks have paid off.

If you are an adrenaline junkie or wish to be without the crippling fear of heights this film invites you to see good and bad elements of indulging in a death defying sport. I would urge people to watch the film without sampling the trailer, as the trailer paints a completely different story to the one you will end up watching.

By Jessica Heap

BASE is in UK Cinemas now and available Worldwide on iTunes and On Demand from 6th November #BASEMovie