Get to Know Cardiff’s Food and Drink Societies

The immediate stress and chaos of post-freshers’ week slump; where time is just a construct and deadlines seem startlingly close, yet so far… is among us. 

One way to get settled into the new academic year and really feel like your university experience is in full swing, is to explore the many societies that Cardiff has to offer. As readers of Quench Food I’m sure you would appreciate hearing from our Food and Drink related societies and what they get up to! 

I spoke to Baking Society, Wine and Cheese Society, Real Ale and Cider Society and the up and coming Soup Society, about their events and recommendations around the city. Read on if you want to meet like-minded foodies, find a new spot for a croissant or hear about the best breweries for a day out! 

Real Ale Society Social
Bake from Baking Society ‘Bake Off’

Who is your society for? 

‘Anyone!‘ Whether you are a skilled baker or have never picked up a whisk in your life – Baking Society is for you! Baking Society aim to ‘create a nice space where people can meet up and chat and see some friendly faces’ and the freshly baked goods are just a plus!  

‘die-hard craft beer nuts, to complete novices’ The Real Ale Society are for anyone who has an appreciation for real-ales, ciders and craft beers. It is built up of a ‘community of friends’ who most of all ‘appreciate a good chat in a great pub’.

‘students who want to learn more about wine and cheese‘ Wine and Cheese Society are all about the learning experience! Definitely sign up and go along if you want to discover new things whilst ‘having fun and making friends’. 

‘soup-lovers everywhere’ The currently unofficial but rapidly popular Soup Society are eager to promote the ‘health and economic benefits of soup’, and are perfect for students that are used to bad diets and low funds, who want to learn some new recipes!

What events do you run? 

Wine and Cheese Social

‘fortnightly Bake Off’ If you are an avid baker or a newbie you can bring along your bakes to be judged – or go along socially and take advantage of the free cake! Also, look out for more social events on a regular basis, from nights out to non-alcoholic events like trips to bakeries around Cardiff.  

‘pub crawls and tastings’ Real Ale Soc have a whole host of opportunities for you to get out of the house. From pub crawls and beer tastings, to trips to Bath and Bristol and quizzes; you’ll never be bored of their events – you might even get the chance to brew your own beer! One to look out for is their Beer, Cider & Gin Festival. President Tom says, ‘it is completely student-run by our committee and is a hell of a lot of fun – plenty of great booze, entertainment, and live music. We will be hosting the festival next February. It will be our 25th Anniversary Festival so it’s going to be a big one!’ 

‘wine and cheese tastings‘ If you are more party to the finer things in life you might enjoy the offerings of Wine and Cheese Soc who enjoy regular tastings around Cardiff. They also tend to end up on a night out in Live Lounge afterwards so you get the best of both worlds! 

‘soup making and soup kitchen’ With Soup society you can expect to partake in soup making and soup tasting – the best of both worlds! On top of that, they are planning on pub-crawl socials, what’s not to love? You may also find them debating the age old question of whether soup is a food or a drink.

If you could sum up your society in three words what would they be? 

‘Inclusive, inviting, exciting!’ 

~ Baking Soc

‘Friendly. Chatting. Pubs.’ 

~ Real Ale Soc

‘Social, relaxed, varied’ 

~ Wine and Cheese Soc

‘Soup, souperb, souperheroes’

~ Soup Society

What are some of your recommendations? 

Post from @cusoupsociety

For baked goods definitely take a trip to Cardiff Indoor Market. ‘They have the best spot for Welsh Cakes at Cardiff Bakestones and a lovely vegan bakery called The Naked Vegan. As well as Cup and Cake Bakery on Donald Street for some really special flavours!’ 

‘If we were to recommend real ale and ciders, we’d be here all day!’ A few brewery recommendations are ‘Tenby HarbwrTitanicVault City’. For Cider it’s got to be ‘‘Gwynt y DdraigLilley’s, and Llanblethian Orchards. Our favourite pubs in Cardiff would have to be Cathays Beer House at the top of the list. With other honourable mentions being St. Canna’s and The Flute and Tankard.’ 

For Wine and Cheese ‘it really depends on what you’re after. There are gorgeous bars all over the city centre. Madame Fromage was our favourite cheese place, but it’s sadly had to close due to covid!’ 

You can’t go wrong with a simple cup of soup – Soup Soc recommend ‘the myth, the legendary, Greggs‘. For a more refined dining experience and different take on soup, definitely check out Pho.