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Our Favourite Animes

Whether you consider yourself an otaku or have never watched an anime in your life, this list might be just what you need.

From niche picks and oldies that...

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Review: The King

It is now evident that Netflix will do everything on their hands to become one of the leaders in the film industry. From the release of one of the first...

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Looking Back at Jim Henson

Caleb Carter on The Dark Crystal
Netflix’s latest attempt to dig out a unique space in media (somewhere between the weird wild west of the internet and...

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Review: The Umbrella Academy

Since its release last week, Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater’s Netflix series has intrigued audiences with its quirky characters and compelling...

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Review: Sex Education

By Jack Vavasour
If ever anyone had wondered what a mix of Skins and High School Musical would look like, then Netflix has answered the question with their new...

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Power Hour: Super Hero TV

With nine superhero shows set to air next year, Scott Place discusses the rise of superhero TV and if it’s really as super as it sounds.


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Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

Nothing lasts forever.
Throughout the calendar year, we see countless shows that fall under the axe of TV networks. If, like me, the debris of multiple...

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Marvel vs. DC

Marvel. DC. The two biggest publishers in the comic book industry; their rivalry stretches back for years, but recently that rivalry has evolved and...