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Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max’ world is fire and blood… this is no understatement.
After a hiatus which would seem an eternity, director George Miller finally returns to the...

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Review: Jurassic World

Possibly one of the most highly anticipated, highest grossing and most discussed films of 2015, Jurassic World was bound to leave a big impression on people...

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Review: Amy

From the toxic influences of Blake Fielder and the drugs he introduced to the intrusion of the hounding media, Amy explores Amy Winehouse’s life forced...

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Review: Listen Up Philip

Directed by Alex Ross Perry, an American director of a small number of lesser-known films, Listen Up Philip focuses on the young writer Philip Lewis Friedman...

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In Defence of the License Fee

With subscription services and online catch-up TV more popular than ever before, Emily Jones explores whether the BBC’s license fee is still earning its...

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Review: Cineworld Cardiff

There are three things you want from a cinema:

Good location
Comfy seating
The newest release schedule

Fortunately for all who reside in Cardiff, Cineworld...

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Genre in Review: Comedy

From one of the broadest genres out there; we delve into what it is that makes a good comedy.
As an aspiring journalist, we’re taught at times to try and...

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Review: Boyhood

Inventive in its production; Richard Linklater’s Boyhood depicts the growth of a boy through his adolescence, the trials his family face and the...

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Genre in Review: Action

Continuing Film & TV’s exploration into narrative film genres; in this feature we tackle the most explosive of all, Action.
It is easy to pin point this...

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Review: Wild

Based on the best selling book by Cheryl Strayed; Wild tells the biographical tale of Strayed’s 1100 mile hike in repentance and reflection after the...

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Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

Nothing lasts forever.
Throughout the calendar year, we see countless shows that fall under the axe of TV networks. If, like me, the debris of multiple...

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Review: American Sniper

After recently receiving six nominations at this year’s Academy Awards; including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, American Sniper had already...