The Best Independent Jewellery Shops in Cardiff

Words and images by Mazy Wyeth

The city of Cardiff is well-known for the vibrancy of its city centre which contains an array of shops, ranging from retail giants Urban Outfitters and Bershka to the small, independent shops located in the depths of the cities various arcades. Amongst these arcades lie Cardiff’s jewellery shops that are often hidden from view due to their small size and slightly tucked away location. A whole new world of unique and beautiful pieces can be discovered with the necessary knowledge- this guide to the cities hidden independent jewelry shops will allow jewellery hunters to discover and help support the independent shops that are often overlooked. 

  1. Ganesha Handicrafts

Located in the Royal Arcade, Ganesha sells a vast range of jewellery, crystals and hippy clothing. The jewellery is reasonably priced, with small gem earrings ranging from £24 to £60, and is beautifully unique. Stones of amber, ruby, sapphire and emerald are set in sterling silver and arranged in eye-catching formations without appearing garish. A personal favourite of mine are the Emerald Drop Earrings which cost £50 but look far more expensive! This shop also sells incense, tarot cards and harem pants, and so caters for all your festival needs. Be sure to check out Ganesha’s sister shops that are located in Bath, Bristol and Brighton. Discover more at

  1. Ameow Designs

Beautifully delicate, these designs feature flowers encased in resin and set in teardrop shapes that retail for the modest price of £25 and under. Located in the Maker’s Arcade CF5 Pop-Up Shop and also on the website Etsy, these resin earrings are undeniably lovely and on-trend as resin art has seen a recent resurgence, with the market expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2027. It is often expensively priced, meaning that Ameow’s low prices are fairly hard to come by. The shop also sells the Real Fern Bangle for £40 and the Fern Clutch Bag for £58, both beautifully unique pieces that would set the wearer apart from the crowd.

  1. A New Form

Also located in Maker’s Arcade CF5 Pop-Up Shop and on 37 Pen-Y-Lan Road, this independent jeweller designs geometric style earrings and necklaces that are eye-catching in a way that exudes stylish simplicity. Hexagonal and triangular shapes are often apparent, with the materials copper and wood creating an eccentric design which is also elegantly simple. The prices are reasonable for such beautiful designs, ranging from £15 to £65. Find out more at

  1. Ruby Anne Ceramic Jewellery

These bright and delicate pieces are made by layering coloured porcelain with precious metals that are then fired in the kiln multiple times. This results in the fine detail that is apparent in the geometric pendant necklaces and earrings made by Ruby in her Swansea studio. Ruby is inspired by the beauty of the Gower Coastline, and reflects this through the colours, shapes and patterns of the jewellery that she creates. Her designs can also be found in Maker’s Arcade CF5 Pop-Up Shop and her prices range from £22 to £40. Discover more at

  1. Crystals

Charmingly magical, this shop sells an array of precious gems, crystals and fossils that are incorporated into the many pendants and earrings that are sold here. The atmosphere in this shop is calming and spiritual, and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. Located in the depths of Castle Arcade, Crystals is an overwhelmingly charming independent jewellery shop that is definitely worth exploring.