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Food & Drink

Healthy Wintery Meals ideas.

Now, summer has gone and gone with it is our desire for cold fresh salads. We want warmth, comfort and substance to our meals. But does this mean we should eat...


Review: Footloose, New Theatre

Review by Amy Butler
Footloose is an undeniably classic musical; defined appropriately by its creator Dean Pitchford as a ‘cultural touchstone’, even those...


Welsh Music Prize 2015

For all you English folk who’ve crossed the bridge for university, you have a lot to learn about Welsh music. And we’re not just talking about Catatonia...

Film & TV

Review: Convenience

Billed as ‘a buddy comedy heist movie, Clerks meets Dog Day Afternoon,‘ Convenience is one of the best British comedy films in recent years. Ray...

Video Games

The Wales Game Dev Show 2015

Editor’s Note: This article was published in the September 2015 edition of Quench as part of the Cardiff issue. In the print edition, Phil Terrett of...

Film & TV

Review: Just Jim

Welsh actor Craig Roberts (Submarine, Comes a Bright Day, Bad Neighbours) makes a very strong directorial debut in Just Jim, a film in which he also writes and...


New Year’s Travel-utions

A new year means a time to see and do new things. Start 2013 by exploring more of Cardiff and the surrounding area, here are a few ideas to get you started