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Beauty on a budget Pt.1

Can’t afford a beauty counter blowout this month? Don’t worry we’ve got the best pound-saving tips and trix – here’s part one of...

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Preview: #LushSpring Event

If you love a good bath and are keen on body products, there’s certainly no better joy than the existence of Lush.
Using the freshest produce in town...

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The Style Shelf

Quench Fashion reviews the best fashion bibles Amazon has to offer from 2003 to 2015, for all your needs. 
For inspiration: IT

While IT by Alexa Chung...

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Icons of the Past

Find passion, perseverance and pizzazz from our round up of the VIPs of the fashion and beauty industry who reigned not with a whimper, but a bang. 

Fashion & Beauty Single Reviews


As the frames of the face, eyebrows have become the hot topic of conversation in recent times. Whether you’re inspired by Cara’s bushy power-brows, are...

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Skin ache

We’ve all been there, a couple of weeks of partying. A couple of weeks of falling asleep in your make up, of shaving of tweezing of not enough sleep and grab...